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Woodbeei has been crafting magic for homes, institutions, offices, hotels with an extensive product line for the past 12 years. Be it furniture, wall systems, or just creating a beautiful interior, Woodbeei’s quality in craftsmanship, material, and design ensure that every single piece that comes out of the factory adds to converting a house into a home. Located in Vellore, Tamilnadu, and nestled in a 45000 sqft plant, we employ highly skilled artisans trained to use high-tech machinery imported from all over the world. Woodbeei’s modern machinery production facilities can handle large orders on tight deadlines.



Interior design

We have a genuine passion and a well-established flair for Interior Design. We can proudly state that our forte lies in our flexibility and ability to undertake projects of differing volume, type, and as varied or unique in demand. A dedicated design development team works closely with our manufacturing facilities/ partners to develop and customize design solutions and details for differing clients as per their requirements. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Turnkey Contracting

Woodbeei handles projects from the first scratch to the final finish. Our team professionally manages and executes projects with the perfect fit and finish as per your stipulation. In line with our pledge to quality and ethics, we ensure that our projects are completed on time and comply with set budgets. In addition, we insist on incorporating the latest technology throughout our process and adopting state-of-the-art machinery and tools in our methodology, be it site or shop floor.
Product Development

We have over 12 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and retailing furniture and related products catering to local and overseas markets. We are technically skilled and take a craftsman’s approach to translate dreams into reality. Well-accustomed to working with various raw materials, we are adept in forging products and solutions from disparate sources. Our technical expertise reveals itself in working with the elegance of solid woods and the modernity of processed woods.


Meet & Agree

At Woodbeei, the client’s views and opinions are crucial to evolving and delivering a client-centric design. Our initial meeting entails an understanding of the design brief and functional requirements. But, we don’t stop here! What sets up apart is that we go a step further in identifying their aesthetic inclinations before getting down to the drawing board. Thus, enabling us to develop a personal rapport with the client helps us understand their specific needs.

Idea & Concept

Creativity means problem-solving; we believe that the beauty of the design is in how effective a solution produces. So our design team doesn’t believe in decoration for the sake of beauty. We don’t blindly replicate fashions and trends or try to fit square pegs into round holes. Instead, we find fresh ways to work within the boundaries of each client we produce as unique as they are functional.

Design & Create

Experience with design is experiencing with people. By gathering in-depth knowledge of scope, budget, and vision, we can tailor our services to fit any brief. So our designers and project managers take the time to listen and learn about the specific consideration of each new job before offering initial guidance and direction and ongoing report and project management.

Build & Install

Design is how it works. Woodbeei houses a construction and joinery factory. Our design and management team works directly and immediately with the on-site construction, installation, and sourcing team. Be it our team of skilled artisans in the factory or the experienced site personnel’s they all strive for quality and perfection at every level. The use of technology and machinery gives them that edge over traditional carpentry. Every installation is a work of pride for the team at Woodbeei.


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Design is not limited to the arrangement of furniture or lighting elements. To achieve the best result, every detail of the internal space should have the right shape, color, and place correctly. Interior design also influences living conditions. Therefore, we design our best to make our projects do both stylish and comfortable. We fulfill our work based on these principles.

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In interior design, just like in chess, every step is fateful and essential. If you do not think through all the steps in advance, you can make mistakes visible only at the final stage. We agree that aesthetics in design is essential. Therefore, we make sure to control the quality of fulfilling the order during all the stages.

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You receive both an album with visualizations and drawings and a completed interior created for the project with the right approach. Our services include: picking the materials, color, furniture, and lighting. In addition, our bonus and discount conditions allow you to select materials and furnishings cost-efficiently.


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