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Woodbeei has been crafting magic for homes, institutions, offices, hotels with an extensive product line for the past 12 years. Be it furniture, wall systems, or just creating a beautiful interior, Woodbeei’s quality in craftsmanship, material, and design ensure that every single piece that comes out of the factory adds to converting a house into a home. Located in Vellore, Tamilnadu, and nestled in a 45000 sqft plant, we employ highly skilled artisans trained to use high-tech machinery imported from all over the world. Woodbeei’s modern machinery production facilities can handle large orders on tight deadlines.

Individual clients and institutional clients have benefited from Woodbeei’s comprehensive approach to furnishing and interior solutions. We start from design optimization to Woodbeei’s expertise in choosing the perfect material and process for the job. Our teams can adapt to demanding client requirements and the resource to dig into the international knowledge pool for the latest in wood and furniture technology worldwide. Woodbeei’s local production facility ensures day-to-day access and update of the project’s progress. Located in Vellore, close to leading business centers in 3 States (AP, TN, Karnataka), all clients’ geographic location is an advantage. Woodbeei products are delivered flat packed and on schedule every time. Working under the guidance and supervision of experienced interior professionals on the project, the Woodbeei team oversees product installation at the site.


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Woodbeei Interiors is one of the Best Interior Decoration and designers in Chennai. We design and execute complete Luxury Interiors as per your taste. with the team of Top Interior Designers in Chennai, Woodbeei has emerged as brand providing Turnkey Solutions for over 12 years.
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